Alkbottle - Rockstar In Austria

Badhoven - I Will Be There

Badhoven - Believe

Badhoven - Bad Bad Badhoven (live)

Blind Petition - Hangman

Blind Petition - Hero Hero (TV)

Blind Petition - Shoot 'n' Kill (TV)

Blind Petition - Maybe This Time

Blind Petition - Academy

Blind Petition - Bloody Reunion

Blind Petition - Won't You

Easy - I'm Sexy (And I Know It)

Freddy Gigele - Day After Day

Freddy Gigele & K. Schubert - Live

Gallows Pole - Summer Rain 2013

Gary Wheeler - Unknowing Heart

K.S. Blues Bunnies - One Of A Kind

K.S. Blues Bunnies - In the Name

K.S. Rock Bunnies - Carry On

K.S. Rock Bunnies - Heavy Metal Party (live)

K.S. Rock Bunnies - Let Me Down

K.S. Rock Bunnies - On A Better Way
No Bros - Be My Friend (TV-Show)

No Bros - Blind (live)

No Bros - Heavy Metal Party (live)

No Bros - Ready For The Action (live)

No Bros - No Bros - Way More Of This (live)

Sextiger - Fire In The Night (live)

Sextiger - Perfect Stranger

Sextiger - Power (TV Show)

Sextiger - Rest in Peace

Speed Limit - Burning Steel (live)

Speed Limit - Lady (live)

Speed Limit - Lady

Speed Limit - Dead Eyes

Stormwave - Iron And Steel (TV)

Stormwave - Purple Light (live)

Stormwave - Lonely Eyes (live)

Stormwave - Love Is A Dangerous Game

Sugar Daddy - Never

U8 - Fantasy For Dreamers

U8 - Fantasy For Dreamers (TV Show)

U8 - Straight Into The Night (live)

Wiener Blut - Namenlos

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